Many patients are seeking something better in their dental care than a reaction to a crisis or the repetitive patchwork that has been traditionally provided as dentistry. Most dentists provide reactive treatment that doesn’t look past a single tooth to the bigger picture. To us this doesn’t make sense.  Dr Bruce Stone established this practice over 40 years ago and introduced a more comprehensive approach to the long term care of his patients. This was significantly influenced by time spent at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne Florida with it’s founder the late Dr Lindsay Pankey.

We still see daily the enduring clinical success of this approach in Dr Stone’s patients.  Many of these people were treated over twenty years ago and what inspires us is how much healthier they have remained in comparison with the traditional model of repair dentistry.

Through Dr Andrew Brockis and now Dr’s Jeremy Keating and Judit Szito, we  continue to provide this advanced Pankey dentistry for people who seek value and extraordinary care provided by a friendly caring, and highly trained professional team.

gold-founding-donor-b2aidDr Jeremy Keating Dental Practice is proud to be a Gold Founding Donor for our charity of choice, Bridge 2 Aid. The charity has devised a unique solution of providing safe emergency dental care in rural communities by way of intensive practical training to existing local health workers. Dr Jeremy Keating also serves as a Director on The Board of Bridge 2 Aid.

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