Tooth-coloured (composite) Fillings

When a tooth begins to die, it loses the natural white brilliance that it once had. Similarly, a mouth full of metal fillings will appear much darker at first glance, even when those fillings are placed at the back of the mouth. This is because of the natural opacity in our tooth enamel. So even at the back of the mouth, dark fillings can cast a darker hue over the entire look of the mouth. At Jeremy Keating dental Practice, we use a white or tooth-coloured filling material which allows us to restore the brilliance of your smile, rather than take away from it.

What is this material made out of?  The material or composite is mixed from a glass or quartz filler, and the colour is matched to your smile so as to look more natural.

White composite restorations can be done in a single visit and can be applied to a single tooth, or to the entire mouth if necessary: both safely and effectively. Contact us to learn more about these aesthetically pleasing alternatives to metal fillings.