Family Dentistry (also referred to as General Dentistry) is the less complicated but still very important dentistry we do on a regular basis. Your oral-health is very important to us and preventative measures can keep your mouth in a happy and healthy state. An unhealthy mouth is linked to many conditions like heart disease and periodontal disease.  It stands to reason that a healthy lifestyle means that your mouth is healthy as well. Many people forget this. It’s not until we have pain or a visibly cracked tooth that we venture in to the dentist. At this stage you have likely waited past when a visit to the dentist could have prevented this from happening.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, smile makeover

We take seriously, the trust you put in us to take care of your oral health. Our dentists deliver a  range of solutions from hygiene therapy checkups, mouth guards and preventative tooth sealants.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, smile makeover

Our Practice knows the benefits of taking care of your oral health from an early age. Our hygiene therapists participate in talks at elementary schools to educate children and parents on the importance of taking care of your teeth and gums.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, smile makeover

For our patients seeking more complex, cosmetic and or restorative dentistry, we encourage setting a strong foundation and maintaining their investment with routine oral hygiene visits.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, smile makeover

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