4621382_294938_iStock_000014553894MediumAt our office, you’ll experience the highest standards of dentistry, delivered in a relaxed and supportive environment. All of our bridge and crown work is locally made here, in Perth.

Our team is happy to explain all aspects of your dental health so that you can feel confident of your decisions. We believe the ultimate choice in selecting dental treatment rests with each patient. For patients seeking any type of cosmetic treatment, our dentists always ensure harmonious integration whereby we take in to account;
1. your facial proportions,
2. individual characteristics
3. your smile as a whole

It is then that we would proceed on to the further details of teeth proportions, colour and surface characteristics, ensuring that your cosmetic treatment looks as natural as possible.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, smile makeover

Function and what it means to restoring a smile for the long term.

Great! Your teeth look incredibly natural AND because we have taken the time to plan and assess how they interact with each other, we make sure the teeth and your smile are long-lasting. There is nothing more disappointing then having several teeth in your mouth crowned or filled, and then having to return again and again to have those very same teeth, re-filled, re-crowned, or worse, extracted.  That is what function is about. Ensuring their is not unnecessary wear and tear on the teeth you have just invested in.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, smile makeover

Cosmetic Dentistry is about choices!  Choosing the right cosmetic dental treatment plan for you requires experience and passion on our part. It is also very much about giving our patients the information and options, helping them understand what will be the very best solution for them.beautiful smile, cosmetic dentist Perth, teeth whitening, dental implants, teeth, smile makeover

Giving you a great smile is just as important to us as it is to you. That makes a difference!

Some of the options to updating and improving a smile are:

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